My fellow Vod, Ragoth Uhbis is a newly official member of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC).  He wants to take the next step and gear his costume towards a brigade level, a higher standard of costuming with specific professions within Mandalorian culture.

(Tiric Keel with Ragoth Uhbis)

Tiric Keel our clan’s Alor’ad is currently a member of the 267th Rapid Assault Brigade in the Demolitions Profession.  There are many professions in the Bridgades and can be found here:

Ragoth has unique aspects of his current kit as he gears it towards the Force Hunter profession.  You’ll notice in the picture above that Ragoth uses a leather duster, two sidearms, binders, broken/disabled lightsabers as trophies, a flamethrower on his left gauntlet, and light armour for agility/movement.


The Force Hunter Brigade CRL’s (Costume Requirement List) in addition to Official Membership requirements as of 9.25.16 are as follows:

Armor Requirements

  • Armor – Medium to heavy coverage. This includes the minimum of boot, shin, knee, thigh, groin, torso/chest, shoulder, bicep, back, neck and gauntlet armor. It is recommended, but not required, to include armor any where else that would be useful in deflecting lightsabers in close combat.
  • Jet-pack or Jet-boots.
  • Cod – Codpiece or Soft Cod / Armored Loin Cod. Loin Cloths to be taken into consideration on a case by case basis, and only with extremely strong supporting reasons why the required piece should be waved.
  • Back plate – Back plates must be used.
  • Paint must have appropriate “Battle Damage” and must have Lightsaber scorch marks. Colors must match terrain of character location (no bright colors, “matchbox colors”)


His somewhat pristine kit was blackwashed several times before the weathering matched the rest of his kit for the basic CRL’s.  The real weathering for “Battle Damage” to Ragoth’s armour plates was in the form of a butane torch which was helpful in peeling the paint, altering the colour, and giving the charred paint effect from lightsaber blows.



The lightsaber scorch marks were attained by Ragoth after he started wearing his armoured duster.

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Another member of our clan, Ruus Darklighter wanted a blaster mark on his armour and also used the butane torch for his metal shoulder bell (see below):


Weapon Requirements
You must have a combination of at least three (3) weapons from the list below. Although you may stray from the list below the Brigade Team will be the deciding factor of approval of the weapon(s)

Authorized Weapons:

This flamethrower is one of the known mounted gauntlet weapons to deflect Jedi attacks.  Jango Fett used his against Jedi Master Mace Windu on the planet Geonosis shortly before his death to Windu’s lightsaber.  The gauntlet hose for the flame thrower is used from quick disconnect air compressor hoses (Harbor Freight).



Additional Required Gear

  • Trophies such as Lightsabers, Padawan Braids, Lightsaber Crystals and etc. If lightsabers are used then they must be clearly identified as non working and highly damaged. They must be displayed in a manner that clearly shows it is not a primary weapon but merely a trophy.


The above picture is of the lightsaber hilts Ragoth has attached to his belt as trophies.  Jedi Scum captured below: