Robert also wanted to use a blaster at his side for this kit.  This blaster was what he was using from my original concept design.

It came along way from its original form (as seen below next to the box):


Yet, it wasn’t up to par “The latter gun seems like it might be approveable. The Nerf, however, still screams ‘nerf’ to me. It’s hard to get Nerf guns not to, especially that one.” – Malakier Vhett


Months later, I looked at this gun again (after Robert had taken it for his own blaster) and thought what if I sawed off the barrel tip and replaced it with the similar fitting I used on my DL-44.  After holding it up to the barrel a few times, we realized it would look cooler if we sawed off the barrel completely.

I added some leather straps to the grips and wow, it made a world of a difference.


Now Robert has both a rifle and a sidearm for his kit: