Quote from Star Wars wiki:

“The BlasTech DLT-20A blaster rifle was a long-barreled rifle (sometimes referred to as a ‘longblaster’) with a top-mounted rangefinder and electronic sight. It had automatic and semiautomatic settings, and possessed a rate of fire very close to that of the DC-15A blaster rifle and other longblasters. This was one of the few blaster models produced with a magnatomic adhesion grip, keeping the weapon firmly in the wielder’s grip and making it more difficult to disarm. With additional collimating rings and longer conduits of galven circuitry, these rifles have improved consistency in their shots.


Photo: The DLT-20A blaster or laser rifle used by IG-88 is found in my copy of the Star Wars Visual Dictionary (1998).

“The DLT-20A required a power pack to operate which was able to hold 30 shots.  The weapon cost 1,300 credits to purchase but its sale and use was restricted to legitimate military organizations and police forces only.”

“The DLT-20A was similar in design to the BlasTech A295 blaster rifle and the E-17d sniper rifle favored by the Rebel Alliance. From the design of the DLT-20A came the A280 blaster rifle.”


“The notorious droid bounty hunter, IG-88, was also known to use this weapon. Because of its increased precision, the DLT-20A was often a prized weapon on the black market.

My friend Robert who is working on his own kit wanted to make his own blaster rifle in addition to his square block blaster.  We searched my visual dictionary (from 1998, the same year Robert was born) to find a blaster rifle he could convert from some of his many broken air soft guns.

The DLT-20A Laser Rifle was his weapon of choice.  We went to Lowe’s and got a variety of parts including the 1/2″ PVC pipe seen below.  Robert used a hole saw to drill the cooling vents in a spiral pattern down his barrel.


Once the holes were drilled out we stuck a tip on the top (something Robert found at Lowe’s that look like it would work).


Then we mounted the barrel to his broken air soft gun, using the diagram pictures to gauge how long to make it.


We started painting the gun a gloss black to give the barrel the desired look, with metallic mist overlaid into the black to give it a metal look.


We added some leather strapping for the grips, to make it more Star Wars like (think Dengar).  Electrical tape seen below is to hold parts and pieces in place while glue/JB Kwik set and solidified.  Lots of kit bashing was used.


Pictures below; Robert with his work in progress (WIP) blaster rifle.

Two Star Wars guns for Robert that are still works in progress, but getting there. DLT-20A and blaster handgun (another post will be about this blaster).

DLT-20A and blaster handgun. The blaster rifle needs a scope and some other odds and ends.


Rifle and blaster side by side. Rifle still has JB weld drying, hence why there is electrical tape holding on the scope for now.

Robert and his DLT-20A rifle.  Looks pretty sweet!