I like this shoot the best (descriptions will be below each shot).  The snow falling around me adds to the effect of an excellent shot.  These photos were taken by my friend, Austin Swenson of Las Vegas, NV.


Playing around with lighting effects in Photoshop.  It kind of gives it the blizzard weather effect, but dark and gloomy.

DSCN6196 copyDSCN6183 copy

Built a new DL-44 type blaster that makes a better photo prop as it is based off the CM712 Mauser instead of the C96.

DSCN6194DSCN6188 copy

It is a good size blaster to have at my right hip, but I also made a rifle for a bit more tough situations I may encounter.  The last shot, see above was for fun with Photoshop and a blaster bolt coming out.

No my pride and joy, is this little EE-3 Carbine Rifle I made last week.  It is a good size and a good feel.

DSCN6103DSCN6141 copyDSCN6145 copy

I’m in the process of getting my blaster holster to stay in place.  I think I’ve got it how I like it, but we’ll have to wait until the next photo shoot or troop to see if it works well.  I need to find a better place here in the Bismarck, North Dakota area were I can get a closer feel to being in the Star Wars Universe (without pine trees in the background).

These images give a better feel for a different terrain, but I want to find something different.

DSCN6170DSCN6164 copy

It is still near impossible to kneel down in this kit and to lay down in the prone position is quite cold when laying face down in the snow.  🙂


Overall both these weapons make a great addition to my kit.


I also added my clan symbol onto my right shoulder bell.  Clan Oyu’baat!



Karl Dha'Werda Trading Card_2