The very first thing I did when I got my gauntlet kit from RKD (Red Krayt Dragon) off the forums was to cut off the top from this triangular shaped piece.  I then drilled a bigger hole and screwed on this air hose fitting.DSCN5346

..This allows me to put my gauntlet hoses on and off efficiently with quick disconnects on my hoses.

DSCN5347 DSCN5348

I then followed RKD’s own gauntlet WIP; seen here:

After sanding down the places where I connected various pieces the top clams of my gaunts looked like this.


Yes, one of my greeblie pieces was RAM from an old computer.  I also attached my whipcord housing on my left gaunt (with the rocket) so that I could have two hoses (one on each arm).

DSCN5350 DSCN5354

I then used super long piano hinge from Menard’s cut to size of each gauntlet to have the clam shells hinge open/close.  After getting everything assembled I started the sanding process before priming my gauntlets.

DSCN5360 DSCN5361

I primed everything on each gauntlet and primed the rocket separate.  Then (seen in second picture below) after the primer dried I metallic coated each gauntlet.

P82A0647 P82A0648

After several coats of metallic paint I let them dry overnight and in the second image you can see what they looked like the next day.

.P82A0650 DSCN5365

This is where I started applying toothpaste to my metallic gaunts.  After the paste had dried, I taped, and painted my gauntlets.  This color scheme was based off of my helmet color of hunter green to accent my hunter orange armour.  Now as you can see in the second image below my greeblie RAM doesn’t look like RAM out of a computer anymore (looks like part of my gauntlet now).  I also painted my rocket a metallic black in color with a bronze head and black tip.

DSCN5375 DSCN5372

In the images above you can see that I have my own version of a flame thrower on the right gaunt and on the left gaunt I have my rocket, whipcord housing, and a lazer on the the other side.  While I was assembling all this I ordered a Casio MQ-10 off eBay for my keypad on my left gauntlet.  It is from the 1970’s era and came from Bulgaria.


The finish result looked really cool.  I added red and blue worn off button colors to the keypad and some rustic colors to show that it isn’t brand new.

DSCN5451 DSCN5453

My gauntlet hoses were fastened up into my double sleeve and I am now ready for my gauntlets.  Everything has come together nicely.  Now time to put my kit on and make final adjustments.