The time came to figure out what material I wanted to make my flak vest out of and how to attach my armour to it.  I went down to our local fabric stores (Jo-Anns, Hancock’s, and Hobby Lobby are all in the same parking lot).Fabric Stores in Bismarck

I was short $ on my budget so I picked up a yard of these recycled bag material to make my flak vest out of.  I sewed it into a simple vest design with higher neck lines and no opening in the front (sort of slip on over my flight suit).  My original concept for attaching my armour to the flak vest involved clips at the top and sides.

Mandalorian Armour

So I sewed buckles to clip the neck/back armour to at the top of my vest.  I also used velcro to attach the abdominal plate to my vest. DSCN5302

I then decided to drill small holes in my chest plates to sew them on to my flak vest with nylon string.  It was a painful slow process, but the plates will not come off.


At this time I was not aware of templates or anything of the sort.  I made these chest pieces out of cardboard by looking at Jango and Boba’s armour and then cut it out of sintra.


I got everything together and wore my costume.  It looked good from my perspective, but then I started looking into the Mandalorian Mercs and found that my idea of looking pretty good was not up to par with an approvable costume.

Front7 Back7

Note the abdominal plate is huge (compare to the Mandomaker schematic below) and so are the chest plates & neck plate.  The back plate is also too long and while it is suppose to line of with the front plates it needs to be shorter along with those plates.  The cod piece was my wife’s sintra ab plate turned upside down for a quick picture.

Concept Armour1

This got me to want to make a new version of my armour and out of a different material (metal close enough to what beskar ‘iron skin’ would be). My next post will detail out what I used for my second flak vest.